Paris, France
April 5, 2018

Dear crypto enthusiats,

CryptoGO is an app that analyzes cryptocurrency markets and helps traders buy and sell at the most opportune moment to make a profit. There is no magic in that, the algorithm is a translation of many renowned trading indicators. The project was born as an exercise after I finished the Apple’s Swift programmation language course and quickly turned into a more serious adventure. This was a way for me to start learning programming, marketing, design, law and more generally launching a big project. The journey to completion was a super-exciting one and I’m proud to offer the fruit of my work.

I’ve been a cryptocurrency enthousiastic for a long time and started trading like many others when the markets boomed in June 2017. I quickly discovered that it was an intense and stressful activity for the mind, so I started thinking about a way to get the emotions out of the equation and make the process more reliable. What more obvious solution than technology?

CryptoGO is no soothsayer, it gives what it thinks is the best position to take depending on what the market state is at any given time. The algorithm was actually built using investment strategies rather than an aggressive trading profile, the app might therefore give indications less often than expected. The aggressive trading mode was implemented to narrow the positions and meet a behavior closer to what we could call day-trading, but with less reliable results. The main technology is an incredibly exciting project by itself and I am working hard to improve it every day. Machine learning is on it’s way to being implemented and the results are getting better every day (if you’re interested in working with us on the project and have great machine learning / financial analyzing skills please contact us at

The idea of an app being strictly money-oriented was not very appealing to me. This is the reason why I implemented exciting features like the community and the news feed. I believe an algorithm position is only valid when compared to real people’s opinions. The community allows users to vote and give their impressions about the market state. This important indicator is displayed alongside the app’s advised position to take. The news feed allows the user to quickly access the hottest and latest informations about the cryptocurrency world which is another major tool for the advised trader/investor. These together make for a complete set of trading tools.

Another important feature was the creation of the CGO token, the app’s own cryptocurrency. Most active community members receive tokens when they vote and closely estimate coins prices. Whereas the coins are a reward only at the moment, I am working to find a clever use for them inside the app and get them listed on public exchanges in the future. You may find yourself sitting on a treasure soon! In the meantime, I wish you a lot of successful trades with the help of this humble application.

Thank you for joining us in this adventure and being an important member of the community.

Martin Scaglia,
CryptoGO Founder